“For someone who couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because of recurring negative thoughts I’m now able to wake up relaxed.  Using my yoga tools I’m able to fall asleep with peaceful thoughts. And no longer physically exhausted I’m able to be drive safely, spend time with family and friends, and pay attention at school”.

IMG_2729 (1)This is just one story that echoes among many others from our studio and outreach programs.

Thanks to our Bodhi Tribe donors, their monthly recurring donations have facilitated the ongoing drive to bring yoga/mindfulness tools to trauma survivors so that they can use not only to feel better in the moment but to continue the healing process long term.

We are so grateful for our members – We couldn’t do this without you, thank you!

Come, join the Bodhi Tribe to expand the reach of its roots in our community by donating at: www.theyogaseed.org/buildingastrongerworld or by clicking here