Why “Celebrating Self-Care”?
This year Yoga Seed is celebrating the vitality of self care with a 40-day yoga challenge between Nov. 1st to Dec. 10th! Sacramento is blessed with an immense canopy of trees, and in the fall we witness a stark changing of seasons through these green giants. During the fall, the trees of our city lose their leaves, store nutrients, and slow down their cell growth. Likewise, as yoga practitioners tuned into our natural world, are encouraged to turn inwards and focus on renewal and replenishment.


What is Yoga Seed’s “Celebrating Self-Care” Challenge?

Yoga Seed is challenging the studio community to commit to a daily studio practice for forty days! The rules are simple: get one point for every day you come into the Seed and care for yourself during a class, workshop, or Karma Seeds event. During this time our studio teachers will be teaching along the theme of self-care, self-respect, and internal growth. Simply sign up before the start of the challenge and then come into the studio as consistently as possible! We’ll have a board in the studio to help students track their own progress and to celebrate the community’s commitment. Everyone can write words of encouragement and support on the studio blackboard as the weeks progress. At the end of the challenge YSC will give prizes to honor top student’s work!!


Why should I participate in a 40-Day Challenge?

Community challenges allow us to support and motivate each other as a collective. We are driven by a common goal to challenge ourselves and can provide encouragement to one another along the way. This challenge is designed to encourage you to lean into your yoga practice and explore the power of making yoga a foundation in your life.

What if I miss a day?

We get it, sometimes life gets away from us and our plans can get disrupted. Part of practicing yoga is learning how to fall and start over. This challenge is supposed to be fun so we’ve decided to offer a few ways to make-up for life’s unpredictable nature…

  • Come to multiple classes in one day
  • Attend any workshop or fundraiser
  • Come to our Karma Seed’s River Clean Up Event
  • Sign up to become a Bodi Tribe Donor, or encourage another to join Bodi Tribe
  • Bring a new person to Yoga Seed and get credit for their visit


We hope you’ll practice with us during this event! And we look forward to seeing you in the studio!