Fun and playful, serious and dedicated, energetic and quiet, compassionate and kind.

It’s easy to see opposites and separate things into boxes, to label things, people and ideas as only one thing and never another. It’s even easier to label yoga, thinking you have to do certain things, be a certain way and never the other. I try to express all the qualities of life in my practice and bring them into the studio to share. Yoga invites us to see things as they are, full of contradiction, nuance, dependence and connection. Each time you roll out your mat you are presented the chance to examine it all again with fresh eyes. You have an opportunity to move inside, to question and explore, to open your heart and connect to all the possibilities of the present moment. In my class all I ask is that you start simply, with kindness and mindful breath, curiosity and acceptance, recognizing your whole self and all your contradictions. As you move, I encourage you to let go of limitations and let the practice happen, to let the flow of postures move you. When it gets difficult and your certainties are questioned and things get turned upside down, remember that invitation to step back and embrace each moment with curiosity, love and grace, to breathe a little deeper and smile a little bigger.

My calling to teach is to shine a little of the same joy and curiosity my teachers have shone upon me. I’m a simple student just as you are, a yogi who loves to practice, to share and to connect. I hope to see your smile in class soon. – Chris


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