Yoga at SNAHC

Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC)

These Trauma-informed classes are designed to help reduce stress and improve resiliency.  Since classes began at SNAHC in October of 2013, they have been extremely popular and well received. Participants have shared that their mobility and feelings of wellbeing have improved significantly.

Teacher testimony:

10/29 “Leelan and the other older gentleman returned this week! They seemed more comfortable with the yoga process and like everyone else was excited to hear the classes have been extended” –RG

One student, Lucina shared that she has had back and hip pain for the past decade, after regularly attending the yoga class at SNAHC since November, she has drastically improved her mobility level, this has allowed her to become more active (walking more), and has helper her overcome a sleep disorder, she shared, “She sleeps like a baby, especially after the Tuesday yoga class!”

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