Yoga in Schools

Centering Moment Ambassadors Program
Washington Elementary School

Academic achievement is only a part of every student’s education, their social and emotional development is also key to their success in life.  The tools of mindfulness offer a way to practice self-discipline, focused attention, and cultivate self awareness and positive communication with others. Many programs around the country are discovering this unique tool as a way to support students through the stresses of school and home life. The Yoga Seed’s program at Washington Elementary school has taken a step further through Centering Moment Ambassador program. This innovation approach, puts the agency and responsibility back into the students hands; to master these techniques, and instruct other students through Centering Moments in each classroom.

Thirteen 5th and 6th graders have taken on the challenge to become ambassadors; leaders of mindfulness to build up the school culture and climate around these important goals. Each week the Ambassadors share how taking a Centering Moment during sports, family arguments, and stressful situations have helped them remain balanced, and actually resolve problems or perform better! Through this program we are equipping students to respond, rather than impulsively react, this gives them a better chance to adopt a growth mindset, benefiting our classrooms, families and community!

Additional Ambassadors program starting at Leataata Floyd Elementary School March 6th!